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Accueil The History of the Great War in Dormans

The History of the Great War in Dormans


The First Battle of the Marne took place from 5 to 12 September 1914.

Fighting was fierce and there were many losses, both on the German side and on the French side.

On 6 September, General Joseph Joffre launched a counter-attack and in the end the Allies won the Battle.

Once the war was over, General Joffre was to name this Battle the « First Battle of the Marne ».

First world war frensh


The first « Battle of the Marne » saved France from defeat. But the war was then going to get bogged down and become a war of little movement — trench warfare — for more than four years.

Deuxième bataille de la marne 1918


In 1918, with the benefit of numerical advantage, a German major launched a series of offensives. French troops were overrun and withdrew.

Dormans got by as best it could, caught in the cross-fire created by the Germans’ attacking set-up. Ultimately the Germans were forced to abandon their crossing-point across the River Marne.

On 20 July, Dormans — which has been reduced to ruins — was re-occupied by French forces.

This battle, once it was over, was to be named the « the Second Battle of the Marne ».